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All of your designs are so beautiful! ;o;)/
December 10, 2015
Hi! I hope you're doing well. Your sites are totally awesome! :D
November 9, 2015
Hi there! I joined the Pokemon clique about a month back--I was wondering if my join form went through correctly? :)
September 14, 2014
Love your new layouts for rokuro and mimarin ^_^
August 2, 2014
I must learn from you the secrets of guestbook customization! I've got the same script but I haz a dumb when it comes to PHP. XD

Also, for some reason your linked affiliate buttons don't show up in Firefox, but do show up in IE and Chrome. Weird--usually IE is the one misbehaving, lol

April 10, 2014
COOL one-page layout design this time around! :D And the colors are so bright and funky ^o^
March 27, 2014
YAYAYAYAYAY love your new layout! I just finally got around to updating some of my sites, too--we must be on the same wavelength, lol! Beautiful new design ^o^
February 11, 2014
You have a lovely network!
February 10, 2014
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